FNM – Functional Nutrition Matrix

The FNM (Functional Nutrition Matrix) is a powerful tool and where we start. FNM provides a deep insight in to your current state of health, how you got there and how to move towards your health goals.

The Functional Matrix is a tool created by the Institute for Functional Medicine and is at the core of practicing functionally. A functional practice acknowledges that we are whole beings where body systems, bio-individuality, thoughts, emotions and our environment, are all interconnected and contribute to our state of health. The goal is to achieve vibrant health by finding and resolving issues and imbalances at a root cause level. 

FNM includes an extensive intake form and 2 private hour long sessions. During the first session we collect your timeline or history, during the second session you will receive your individual matrix plan geared to take you towards your health goals. Sessions are held via secure online video or in person if you are in Ottawa, ON Canada.

"I'd been suffering from persistent, non-recovering injuries to muscles and joints, some mild acid reflux and energy problems. After beginning the program that Annika recommended, I noticed a massive jump in energy, the inflammation in my joints is gone, and my overall digestive health is great. From time to time I reintroduce a food that I have cut out and the consequences are immediate. There's no doubt - Annika is on to something and she really knows her stuff. On top of those benefits, I'm supporting a rigourous exercise program and the nutritional changes have helped me drop stubborn belly fat and hold on to some hard-won lean muscle in just 5 weeks!" ~ Adam, Ottawa

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